OctoPladd is a band that plays music. Their music is melodious and heartfelt while also funky and occasionally goofy, not unlike their name (a complicated story they’d have to tell you in person). United by their roots in bluegrass, they draw on myriad influences to produce Appalachian melodies tempered with chromaticism and groove. The quartet combines the sweeping lines of Julian Pinelli’s violin with the snap and groove of mandolinist Ethan Setiawan. Sam Leslie adds tasteful guitar sauce, supported by the powerhouse Noah Harrington on bass. They met in Boston’s thriving roots music scene and their hope is to create music with an electric edge to its acousticality.

Remarkably talented young pickers
— Bluegrass Today
OctoPladd comprises four of the most exciting instrumental voices now emerging in the acoustic string band world, a collection of monstrous young talent united in their mastery of their craft and their commitment to the improvisatory moment. They’re updating the string band sound, and I’m excited to hear what they come up with!
— Joe K Walsh